Why The Bears Lost Out On Bruce Irvin.

Published November 7, 2018 at 1:04 PM

Yesterday speculation started to build that the Chicago Bears had a serious chance at landing Bruce Irvin after he had been waived by the Oakland Raiders. He would have landed into a perfect rotation with the Bears, however as expected, it wasn't just the Bears who were interested in the linebacker. After all was said and done, Irvin decided to have a reunion, however it wasn't with Khalil Mack. The chance to play in his hometown of Atlanta along with reuniting with Dan Quinn outweighed the idea of lining up with Mack again. Irvin played with Quinn while with the Seattle Seahawks from 2013-14. The 31 year old like the Oakland defense as a whole was underperforming as Irvin had just six tackles and three sacks so far this season after tying a career high eight sacks last season.

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