Stats Showing The Bears Are In A League Of Their Own.

Published November 5, 2018 at 1:13 PM

"The Chicago Bears sit in first place of their division with a 5-3-0 record.
If the Bears can put together wins against the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, the team will have a serious chance at making the playoffs.
A lot of teams depend on either just their offense or just their defense to get W's on the board, but the Chicago Bears are looking like the most balanced team in the NFL right now.
The Bears are the only team in the NFL who sit in the top 5 for both points scored and points allowed, with only one other team cracking the top 10 (Rams).
Some point to the quality of opponents like the Bears' wins against Arizona, Tampa Bay, the Jets and Buffalo Bills.
However if the Bears can walk away with W's against Minny and Detroit, the critics wont have much to say.


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