Fangio Admits Bears Mishandled Khalil Mack Injury.

Published November 1, 2018 at 2:16 PM

The Chicago Bears have received some criticism for their handling of the recent Khalil Mack injury. The Bears linebacker was absolutely tearing up opposing teams until he hurt his ankle against the Miami Dolphins. Mack stayed in that game and played the following game against the New England Patriots. During both games, the effects of Mack's injury were clear and many questioned why Mack stayed in the game against the Dolphins.The Bears ending up resting Mack finally last week against the Jets and the with the week off, it's likely Mack will play against the Bills. Could this all have been avoided if the Bears just pulled Mack from the Dolphins game? Probably. "In hindsight, should we have taken him out earlier? Probably." Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio told media on Thursday.
The Bears DC followed that up with some praise for Mack for playing through it for two weeks.

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