Von Miller Makes Big Statement About Mitch Trubisky.

Published August 15, 2018 at 3:53 PM

The Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos held a joint practice on Wednesday and there was plenty to talk about afterwards. Unlike some other joint practices we've seen so far this season, there was absolutely no violence and everybody got along just fine. Both teams had starters on the field and ran through some plays which had fans from both teams happy. Following practice, one of the league's best linebackers, Von Miller, was asked about his impressions on Bears QB Mitch Trubisky and for someone who's highly educated on every QB around the league, his comments were great to hear. «Mitch is a great quarterback. ... He's their franchise quarterback. [As a defense], you've gotta not let him scramble and not let him complete passes. ... He can do a little bit of everything.» Miller said "He's going to be great".
It would have been hard for Miller to say anything negative about Trubisky after the Bears QB went 4 for 4 in full team drills with Miller on the field. What do you think of Miller's comments?

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