Roquan Smith Explains Hold Out.

Published August 14, 2018 at 4:04 PM

"Chicago Bears rookie linebacker Roquan Smith finally ended his hold out to start the week. Smith was getting lots of flack from fans regarding the extended hold out and on Tuesday he explained everything. «That's just the business side of things,» said Smith «It is what it is. And I'm just happy to be here now.»
The rookie confirmed that he didn't give his agent a specific deadline and had no regrets about how long the hold out lasted. While getting pressed by the media for more details and explanations, Smith kept it simple as if he was in the courtroom "That's between my agent and Mr. Pace". Head coach Matt Nagy is happy to have the first round pick in the mix and has no hard feelings. «I appreciate both sides — Roquan's side and Ryan (Pace) and (negotiator) Joey (Laine) and our management,» Nagy said. «In the end they came together, got something that worked out, and here we go.»
«We saw him for the first time and we just kind of kept going,» he said. «Like, not that nothing happened, but we're here. Why harp on what just happened? Let's go. You're here. Our team's here. That's all that matters. Put it to the side and let's go play football.»Now let's see what he can do on the field!

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