Thomas Jones Reveals How Former Bears' GM Angelo Screwed Him.

Published April 20, 2020 at 2:39 PM

ESPN's The Last Dance has not only given Chicago Bulls fans something to talk about but also fans of the Chicago Bears. After fans were given an inside look at the resentment between Bulls GM Jerry Krause towards his head coach and players despite being a winning team, some former Bears' players opened up the vault for some stories of their own. Former Bears' running back Matt Forte got it going on Twitter last night when he told some stories regarding former Bears' GMs Jerry Angelo and Phil Myers.That inspired fellow former running back Thomas Jones to drop an interesting story of his own while replying to Forte. "You and me both bro. Jerry agreed to give me a new deal after the 2006 season in "good faith" if I would come back to the team & be the leader they needed me to be. Right after the SB he wouldn't even answer mine or Drew Rosenhaus's calls until we got nasty with him."
Unlike Forte, Jones backtracked a little bit afterwards. "Not torching Jerry my brother. Jerry Angelo gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to play for the Bears in 2004. Some of the best times and memories of my life. I could never be mad at him for that. It's just the ugly part of the NFL. All things come to an end. #BearDown"What do you think of Jones comments?

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