Matt Forte Dishes Out Dirt On Former Bears' GMs Angelo & Emery.

Published April 20, 2020 at 11:19

It wasn't just Chicago as it seems the whole country was watching ESPN's "The Last Dance" last night. The 10 part series focuses on the Chicago Bulls last title run and the complex relationships behind the scenes. After the first two episodes played last night, it really revealed some details on how broken the relationship between Bulls' GM Jerry Krause and the players along with head coach Phil Jackson was.While watching the show, former Chicago Bears' running back Matt Forte said sketchy GM's seemed to be a theme in Chicago. Forte looked back on his time playing under Bears's GMs Jerry Angelo and Phil Emery. Here's a couple of Tweets Forte sent out last night. "Y'all asking for details so here's just a few examples.Lovie wins 10 games but gets fired. New GM (Emery) comes in and basically tried to get rid of the entire (lovie Tampa 2 def.) The way 54 was treated at the end of his career along with 55 and 33. So I knew I was just a number""Jerry lied to me in camp 2011. Told my agent and I he'd negotiate a new deal in «good faith» lol I ended up playing under rookie deal 600k making the pro bowl but season ended with MCL sprain while the punter made 4.5M. #facts""Sorry Chicago this #lastdance doc got me fired up about how great the teams I played on could've been. Especially when the bulls GM really actually let his brain entertain the thought of trading MJ"What do you think of Forte's comments?

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