OJ Howard To The Bears?

Published April 19, 2020 at 12:16

The Chicago Blackhawks made a bit of a facelift at tight end even if the end result didn't make them younger. General manager Ryan Pace swapped out Trey Burton for veteran Jimmy Graham. Burton was alright during his first year in a Bears' uniform but disappeared last year and spent most of the season injured. While Graham has dealt with injuries over his career, he's expected to be healthy and a nice fit in the Bears' system. There's been chatter that the Bears could draft a tight end early this year, however the TE talent pool at this year's draft isn't that deep. That's exactly why the Bears' could go after a young disgruntled tight end with high upside that's on the trade block. Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end O.J. Howard wasn't a fit last year in head coach Bruce Arian's system, while that might change with Tom Brady under center the Bucs' have still put Howard on the trade bock. That's exactly why Alyssa Barbieri of Bears Wire believes Howard is the perfect fit. "Howard's down year was still more productive, in yardage, than all of Chicago's tight ends combined in 2019.Howard, a former first-round pick in the NFL Draft, positioned himself to become one of the league's standout tight ends in his second season. But his breakout year was cut short due to injury, which caused him to miss the final six games. It also didn't help that, when Howard returned for his third year in 2019, Tampa Bay brought in Bruce Arians, someone who's not known for utilizing tight ends as much as receivers."Would you like to see Howard in a Bears' uniform?

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