Brandon Marshall Ripped Apart For Latest Comments.

Published April 18, 2020 at 12:06

"Former Chicago Bears' wide receiver Brandon Marshall has always been vocal in the media. While what he says isn't usually accurate, he's still very loud and gets his message across. His latest take is getting ripped apart by just about everybody. During a recent appearance on ESPN's First Take, Marshall said that the window is now closed for the New Orleans Saints when it comes to the Super Bowl. "New Orleans is done. ... Their window is closed."
Marshall said that the defense has nothing left and neither does their big free agent signing, Emmanuel Sanders. Marshall said that Sanders has about two months until he's sitting right beside him on retirement row. «Emmanuel Sanders is 50 years old,» Marshall added, «Emmanuel Sanders is two months away from standing right next to me.»
It might be personal of course after Marshall's short stint with the Saints included no games played and being cut in December of 2018. It seems Marshall isn't a fan of Sean Payton. «New Orleans, Sean Payton? Sean Payton continues to hurt his team,»
«How do you have Drew Brees, Mike T, Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram a couple years ago, you have a defense that goes from crap the first half of the season to one of the most elite defenses we've ever seen, and you lose in the playoffs?"Two years, back to back? New Orleans is done.»«Their window is closed, their window is closed,» Marshall said. «Their window is closed, I'm sorry. Did you see what happened to their defense last year? Do you see that everyone in the league has the book on New Orleans' offense now? Did you see that? It's over, it's a wrap.»
Payton came across the comments on social media and responded with fortune teller gif.


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