Tarik Cohen Calls Out Reporter On Social Media.

Published November 7, 2018 at 3:47 PM

The Chicago Bears are a tight knit group right now, it shows both on and off the field. Recently we had the perfect example of it off the field. The Athletic's Michael Lombardi dissed Bears QB Mitch Trubisky pretty badly during a recent appearance on the "Follow The Money" podcast. «You couldn't get me to buy Mitchell Trubisky if you had him on a discount rack at Filene's Basement," he said on the show, via Joe Ostrowski of 670 The Score. "There's no chance. There's no chance. He can't throw the ball inbounds half the time."
»It's a joke," he said. "I was in Chicago this week and all I saw was Trubisky jerseys. I was thinking you people are crazy! You're going to be selling them in 3 years. There's no way!… When they have to play somebody tough, I think it's a real problem…I think the Bears are overvalued."When Cohen was made aware of the comments he called out the reporter on Twitter "@mlombardiNFL watch how you talkin bout my QB boy".Cohen made it clear with reporters after the tweet that he wasn't going to sit back and let people take shots at his quarterback. "I don't know if he knows about it at all. But I've seen it, so I'm going to say something about it because I'm a real one, if you feel me, and I ain't going to let nobody just sneak against about my boy like that.» Cohen told reporters on Wednesday "I'm the muscle on this team.»

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