Ryan Pace Announces New Kicker Competition.

Published April 22, 2020 at 2:33 PM

"Last year the Chicago Bears brought in a clown car full of kickers to set up a competition for the starting position.
The year before, general manager Ryan Pace had signed Cody Parkey
Pace signed Parkey to a four year contract which included $9million in guaranteed money and thanked Pace by missing three extra point attempts and eight field goals during his first and only season in Chicago.
Eddy Pineiro eventually ended up being the Bears' kicker in 2019 and he isn't guaranteed to have the job in 2020.
Pace signed Ramiz Ahmed last week and wants to see him push Pineiro setting up a new competition.
"We liked him coming out of college, and we feel like he's gotten better like a lot of these young kickers do," Pace said.

"We see those guys competing," Pace said on a teleconference. "Look, we love Eddy and we think his future is very bright. So, we think competition is good for everyone. Don't expect the number of kickers we had in here last year, but I think those two completing against each other is a really good thing."

Pineiro started off well last season but seemed to lost head coach Matt Nagy's trust midseason after a big miss against the Chargers.


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