Prince Amukamara Makes Huge Statement About Trubisky.

Published November 5, 2019 at 3:56 PM

"The Chicago Bears are getting criticism left and right these days, especially when it comes to quarterback Mitch Trubisky.Many want to see him removed from the starter position but it's not exactly like Chase Daniel is an everyday QB. People have been wondering what the feeling is inside the Bears' locker room and if the team still wants Trubisky as their starter. Cornerback Prince Amukamara says yes. «One hundred percent Mitch is our captain, Mitch is our leader,» Amukamara told Chris Bleck. «I mean, for whatever reason, it might seem like (the offense is) coming off a slow start or whatever, but we have full faith in the offense.»
Amukamara added that benching Trubisky isn't an option. «To do that, then that means you're saying this guy is not part of our future, ever,» Amukamara said. «Because you can't keep swapping and swapping, coaches know not to do that, management knows not to do that. I mean, I'm not part of management, but I believe Mitch is the future, Mitch is the guy."
What do you think of Amukamara's comments?


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