Nagy Says A Part Of Trubisky's Game This Weekend Made Him Proud.

Published November 4, 2019 at 12:36

It's all anybody is talking about in Chicago right now, the Bears sorry attempt at offense once again. It was just a minute ago the Bears were fighting for a Wild Card spot and now they're fighting to stay out of the basement with just two more wins than Washington or Atlanta. A lot of fingers are pointed at quarterback Mitch Trubisky as he continues to just make bad decisions with the ball or make no decision at all. Head coach Matt Nagy however was satisfied with one part of Trubisky's game.«I thought he controlled himself really well,» said Nagy.«I was proud of him for that. It's not easy in those elements to do that, and when there is a bunch of three-and-outs, but he was great on the sideline. He was really good with our quarterback coach, and that part was good to see.»Nagy doubled down and said he feels Trubisky is just about to find his groove.

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