Matt Nagy Makes Comments Deflecting Blame From Trubisky.

Published September 17, 2019 at 12:08

Even though the Chicago Bears walked away with a win on Sunday, quarterback Mitch Trubisky is getting a lot of heat. Trubisky has put up a passer rating of 62.1% and 70.0% for a 65% rating over two games. He threw for 228 yards in Week 1 and 120 yards yesterday in Week 2. Trubisky has yet to throw for a touchdown but has racked up an interception. However head coach Matt Nagy makes it sound like the rest of the offense is slacking and not necessarily Trubisky. "I feel like in the last two games, we're probably lacking those explosive plays," Nagy said "We just need more explosive plays, that doesn't mean 40, 50-yard gains. What it means is plus-10 to make it first-and-10 the next time."
Those open receivers that Trubisky won't throw to, not really Trubisky's fault either. "Well there's a little bit of everything that goes into that," Nagy said. "There's certainly times that there's guys that are open and there's been times with some really good quarterbacks out there that guys are open and they don't get to them. Then you have the pocket, right, and then you have whether was the route open, when did you see it open?"
Are you on the same page as Nagy or is he just sheltering his QB?

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