Vic Fangio Has Lots To Say About Mack, Jackson, Floyd And Trevathan.

Published September 12, 2019 at 2:29 PM

It's a matchup that's definitely been circled on a couple of calendars as the Chicago Bears play the Denver Broncos this week. Vic Fangio left the Chicago Bears this offseason to take the vacant head coaching gig with the Denver Broncos. After helping create a dominant Bears' defense the last couple of years, he'll try to carve it out with some interesting play calling this weekend. However it won't be easy and Fangio knows it as he had some big complaints for some of the Bears' key defensive pieces. On Khalil Mack:
«I didn't [find] out [about the trade] until a couple seconds after the world found out, and obviously was very, very excited. I didn't know a lot about him other than I knew he was a good player, because when he came out of college we were drafting very late in the first round in San Francisco at the time, so they said don't even bother watching him… So I didn't watch him as a collegiate, and with him in Oakland and me in the NFC, I really didn't see him play a lot. And then when we got him, it was just after a few days it was like, holy s***.'»
On Eddie Jackson:
«If you remember, he didn't partake in the offseason program [his rookie year] because he was injured coming out of college. And it wasn't, he was ready, full go by training camp. And it was, I don't know, definitely within the first week, maybe three days or so that I said to Ed Donatell, this guy's really going to be good. And Ed kind of got a little taken back. ‘Well, how can you tell already? Ya know? Jeez, you want to crown him or something.' I said, ‘I can just tell. This guy's got it.'"
"Just his total instincts and feel for the game. His body movement. The way he just reacted to things and saw things. He saw them quicker than most and reacted quicker than most. And then he had the talent to take advantage of those reactions."
On Leonard Floyd:
«Yeah, I told you guys time and time again that he's a really good player. He's had some injuries that slowed him down early in his career. But they knew what they were doing when they gave him that fifth-year option. He's a hell of a football player and he's going to continue to have a hell of a career and he'll just keep getting better and better.»
On Danny Trevathan:
«Danny's a very positively emotional guy. He's totally into the team. He wants the team to do well. He wants to be a leader and he is just because of the way he plays and his emotional fire and the intensity with which he plays. He's a contagious guy in that regard besides being a hell of a football player. So he's really been a nice pick-up for the Bears.»

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