Bears WR Coach Explains Why Anthony Miller Was Invisible During Week 1.

Published September 11, 2019 at 1:53 PM

It was a quiet Week 1 for the Chicago Bears, however it was extremely quiet for WR Anthony Miller. Many believe Miller is a prime candidate for a breakout season during his sophomore year, but if Week 1 is any clue he might have the sophomore slump.WR coach Mike Furrey said it was a simple explanation and nothing to get too worried about as he only played 16 snaps on offense and was only given one target. "A lot of it was the nature of the game. A lot of it was some stuff that we had set for (Tarik Cohen) . Collectively, Anthony missed a lot of training camp and a lot of OTA's so to be out there and to be consistent and to ask him to go in there, I just didn't feel comfortable enough to say hey, 'let's go out there and put you in for 60-some plays. You haven't done anything yet'. You know? So let's get out there and get consistent with what you have and line up and go in there and do what you're supposed to do and he did. So that was exciting. So now we'll get back at this thing tomorrow."Miller is coming off a rookie season that saw him rack up 423 yards and seven touchdowns while dealing with some shoulder issues.

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