BREAKING Nagy Hires A Familiar O-Line Coach!

Published January 10, 2018 at 2:34 PM

While most Chicago Bears' fans continue to focus their attention on if defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will be back next season, new head coach Matt Nagy has made his first hire. The new Bears coach has found a way to bring back Harry Hiestand and lure him from Notre Dame. Hiestand of course was the Bears offensive line coach from 2005-09 and followed that up with great stints at Tennessee and Notre Dame. He might be coming back to the Bears even better then he was before with the Fighting Irish having won the Joe Moore Award for the premier offensive front in college football. The team is expected to watch two of it's lineman get selected in the first round during this year's NFL Draft, a real indication of Hiestand's work. The Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs points out this a hugely significant hire for Nagy with a team's O-Line coach often being the most important assistant after the coordinators. A successful O-Line of course helps create success all around and sets the tone for games for the whole team. Former All-Pro center Olin Kreutz called Hiestand the hands down best coach he's ever played for. «He gets the most out of his guys,» Kreutz said. «He totally buys into you, which makes you totally buy into him. He's all about the offensive line and he has no other agenda. He just wants to help you and help the team win."

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