Matt Nagy's College Teammates Know He's A Winner

Published January 9, 2018 at 1:04 PM

"There is a still a lot of unknowns about new Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy, but what we are starting to learn is that he has had a knack for coaching and forward thinking since his days as the starting quarterback at the University of Delaware.
Until Nagy arrived in 2000, Delaware ran an old school wing-T offense until he convinced his coaches that they should and can pass more. Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic reached out to some of Nagy's college teammates to get the scoop.
«If it wasn't for [Nagy] revolutionizing Delaware's offense, if it wasn't for him stepping up and letting the coaches know we need to throw it more because we have athletes to make plays on the outside, I wouldn't be where I am,' former wide receiver and Bears sixth-round draft pick Jamin Elliott said.
«He was literally thinking that far ahead in a wing-T offense, a dinosaur offense. He was already forward-thinking, already diagnosing defenses in colleges in that type of offense. He was smart enough to do it.»
Mike Cecere was a defensive end for Delaware, but was Nagy's roommate during his entire career and shared some great insight.
«He's on the top bunk and as a true freshman, he already had a notebook filled with plays that he came up with,» Cecere said. «Even back then, knowing the game of football, especially on the offensive side, he was so much more advanced than anyone I had ever known.»
Elliott has no doubts that he will make a great head coach with the leadership he saw back in Delaware nearly 20 years ago.
«He has that infectious personality that people like to be around. If you talk to anybody who's ever played with him, they'll tell you the same thing. He's an awesome guy to be around. He's a competitor. That showed in college, that showed in high school when he was playing for state championships. He was always competing for championships. He's a winner.»"

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