Anthony Miller Gets Destroyed On Twitter.

Published January 26, 2021 at 1:58

"It was far from the season Anthony Miller had been hoping for in his third season with the Chicago Bears. After hitting almost 700 yards during his sophomore season, Miller saw his production fall and unfortunately just wasn't able to take the next step as he saw himself get passed on the depth chart by rookie Darnell Mooney who was a fifth round pick. If he was already in a tough position heading into next year after the regular season he made it worse when he decided to punch New Orleans Saints' cornerback Chauncey Gardner-Johnson after being told specifically not to confront him by teammates and coaching staff. While Miller was on Twitter commenting on the NFC Championship game, owner of the Big N Brite Show, Brite Brasi, called him out and the two got into heated exchange on. Check it out below:


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