Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes Has Huge Praise For Jordan Howard.

Published September 12, 2018 at 4:16 PM

"Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard is one of the most underrated running backs in the league. Last year he was even underrated by his own coach, John Fox, hopefully that won't be the case this year with Matt Nagy. Regardless of what some people think, Howard does get respect from around the league, and Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes had some huge praise for Howard. Recently Rhodes put together a piece for The Players Tribune and ranked Howard as the NFC North's fifth best player.«Oh my God … Jordan Howard is so hard to take down,» Rhodes wrote. «He keeps such a low center of gravity. He's like Golden Tate, but 25 pounds heavier. And he can make guys miss, too. You have to gang tackle him — and even then, good luck.»
One specific play blew Howard's mind.
«I'll never forget a play he made against us last year. He took an outside handoff and hit the sideline, and we had three guys closing in on him with the sideline acting as a fourth defender. I was like 10 yards away, thinking, Ain't no way he's getting out of that. So I slowed up.
«Well, he made all three guys miss, somehow stayed in bounds, and then burst right past me down the sideline for a touchdown.»You can check out Rhodes full list here. "

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