The Four Positives To Take From Week 1.

Published September 11, 2018 at 4:09 PM

The Chicago Bears heartbreaking Week 1 loss to the Green Bay Packers still lingers like a foul smell. Despite many fans not yet moved on from Week 1, the Bears have and are focused on Week 2. So while the Bears' fans are still lingering on Week 1, NFLAnalysis decided to take a look at the four positives from the Bears in their loss. 1) Jordan Howard had a great game when given the ball.2) The offense showed signs of potential and with more practice should be able to execute sooner than later. 3) Cody Parkey is a solid kicker. 4) The defense for the most part, lived up to the hype. All four points are very important as John Fox mostly misused Howard last season and the Bears had no offense or kicker last year.As for the defense, there was plenty of talk about how good they'd be, so it was comforting to see they showed signs of what they should be in the next couple of weeks full time. To check out the full analysis click here.

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