Vic Fangio Explains Why He Left For Denver.

Published January 10, 2019 at 2:20 PM

Former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio held his introductory press conference for members of the Denver Broncos media on Thursday. Fangio started off his press conference by thanking the McCaskey family and even mentioned that the tie he was wearing was a gift from George so he wouldn't have to wear a sweat suit during the press conference. The former Bears DC said that watching Matt Nagy was a great resource for him offensively and that Chicago is lucky to have him. He labeled the Bears as a special group right now and that he'll miss them greatly. The first question he was asked was why he chose Denver and he gave a pretty interesting answer.
Fangio explained he chose Denver because of it's great tradition as a franchise which is unmatched in the NFL and part of that is their great fan base. The new Broncos head coach also explained that the loss to the Eagles was extremely disappointing and shocking. He took a couple of hours to mourn the loss and then put together his presentation for Denver that same night.

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