Vic Fangio Explains Khalil Mack Usage Versus Patriots.

Published October 25, 2018 at 1:47 PM

The Chicago Bears are preparing for the New York Jets, however lots of fans and media members are still looking back at the Bears' loss to the New England Patriots. Lots of people were confused regarding Khalil Mack's usage in regards to the pass rush. On Thursday defensive co-ordinator Vic Fangio met with the media and discussed the team's loss. Fangio stated that he felt that the game plan against New England wasn't "too bad" and Mack's usage wouldn't have changed even if Mack was 100%. He added that the Patriots didn't have many third down passing situations so Mack's usage was different than it would have usually been. The DC said he would love to have one or two calls back but that's every game. In conclusion, Fangio was happy with how the game played out and the defensive scheming but admitted that it was "obviously not good enough".Are you on the same page as Fangio?

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