Should The Bears Sit Khalil Mack This Week?

Published October 24, 2018 at 3:50 PM

Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack clearly isn't 100%, head coach Matt Nagy has admitted it and it shows in his play. Mack had five sacks, four forced fumbles, two passes defended, one interception, one fumble recovery and touchdown in his first four games. Since being injured against Miami, Mack has two tackles and hasn't touched any other column in the box score. Before the bye when Mack was healthy, the team gave up 24,17,14 and 10 points to their opponents, since the injury the Bears have given up 31 and 38 points. Mack is a leader and sets the tone of play for the defense and it's clear he can't do that right now, so should the Bears sit him this week?It's a hard decision especially since the Bears seem to be putting the decision in Mack's hands who's currently riding a streak of 70 straight starts. «It's not easy,» head coach Nagy said. «That's where the trust level from both ends has to be there. The player has to understand where we're coming from as a team as to (asking) where you're at percentage-wise. We all know he's not 100 percent, but where are you at? That's where we trust him, he trusts us and then we go ahead with the action plan.»
Should the Bears think about the playoff push and sit Mack for at least one week?

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