Matt Nagy Defends Mitch Trubisky's Play.

Published October 23, 2018 at 12:52

The Chicago Bears were oh so close against the New England Patriots. There's been plenty of fingers pointed at various people for Sunday's loss, and some of them are zoned in on Mitch Trubisky and his two interceptions. Head coach Matt Nagy admitted there was some mistakes made by Mitch throughout the game, but overall the head coach defended his QB's play and stated he played a way better game then people are stating. «Going back and watching tape, he played as I thought. He played better than most people think he played,» Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. «Early in the game, there were some throws that look like he missed them, but he missed them because the [receiver] isn't open and it's more of a throwaway. That's where, to an outsider, it looks like he's inaccurate when really he's just trying to get the ball away because [the receivers] weren't winning outside. Our offense understands that. Our guys know it. They understand that we've got to play better.»
What do you think of Nagy's comments?

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