Update Regarding Robbie Gould Coming Back To Chicago.

Published February 26, 2019 at 10:42

The Chicago Bears made it official and released kicker Cody Parkey just a couple of days ago. The hunt for a new kicker has started and will intensify once the free agent market opens up.The majority of Bears' fans want to see the team bring back Robbie Gould, however the San Francisco 49ers can franchise tag the kicker to make sure he stays in San Fran. If Gould had the choice, it really sounds like he wants to be back with the Bears. "Once a Bear always a Bear," Gould said, per the Associated Press. "I truly mean that. This is where I spent 11 years of my life playing for an awesome organization. I've developed a lot of great relationships throughout the city but also the organization, just like I've done in New York, just like I've done in San Francisco. Will it happen? I don't know."
Gould knows that no matter how bad he wants to get back to Chicago, San Fran will ultimately have the last word. "They have the opportunity to get a contract done with me," Gould explained. "Obviously, they have exclusive rights to talk to me until free agency opens. There's no reason not to. ... At this point, I'm just enjoying being around my kids and not really worried about the football contract."No matter what happens, Gould is a Bear for life and it's exactly what his kids will be. "The McCaskey family (owners) changed my family's life," Gould said. "They gave us a lot of great opportunities in one of the greatest sports cities you'll ever find. I'm thankful that they gave me that opportunity. I'll be forever thankful. My kids will be raised Bears fans. This is home."

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