Trubisky Says Team Must Embrace Loss And Step Up.

Published October 28, 2019 at 10:06

It was another disappointing loss for the Chicago Bears highlighted by some questionable coaching decisions. Chicago now sits at 3-4 and don't really look like a team that can turn it around. Despite the serious question marks around the Bears, quarterback Mitch Trubisky believes it's a great test for the team. «It's a gut check,» Trubisky said of the loss. «We got to figure out who's going to rise up to the challenge this week, who's going to continue to work hard and stick together when we're going through adversity. You've got to embrace it.»
«It seemed like they made the plays in the red zone and we didn't,» Trubisky said. «I thought we had a good plan for this week to get it in there, and they just made plays in the red zone and we weren't connecting. So credit to them. I've got to go back and watch the film, see where we could have been better, but yeah, when we get down there, we've got to have those.»What do you think of Trubisky's comments?

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