Danny Trevathan Confirms Bears' Held Players Only Meeting And Reveals Small Details.

Published October 24, 2019 at 2:41 PM

The way everybody is talking, you'd think the Bears are currently 0-6.However the team is actually 3-3 and while they're on the outside looking in, they're technically still in the hunt for a Wild Card spot. The two losses in a row have left a sour taste in everybody's mouth, players, coaches, fans and analysts. So the Chicago Bears decided to hold a players only meeting and linebacker Danny Trevathan gave everybody a small glimpse into what was said during the meeting. «We're full-tilt,» he said. «There's no pause, there's no panic. . . . We're just looking forward to getting better. Anything that was brought to the table was things we thought of that we know can help our team. …«This is football. This is Chicago football. This is what we signed up for. Guys know that everybody can get a little bit better. Everybody took that attitude.»While players only meetings aren't usually a good sign, at least it sounds like the players are coming out of it with the right attitude.

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