The Start Of Trubisky's Career Is Close To Some Of The Best In Game

Published December 27, 2017 at 2:01 PM

"Even though the plan was for him to not even see the field this season, the story of the year has been the progression of quarterback Mitch Trubisky. While he has had the growing pains typical of a young quarterback, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about his future with the Chicago Bears.
Fans have every reason to optimistic as Trubisky has played well with one of the worst group of wide receivers in the league, a below average offensive line and an offensive coordinator who has handcuffed him for much of the season. You cannot help getting exciting when thinking of Trubisky with a better corps of receivers and a creative play caller at the helm.
We still have no idea exactly how good he will be, but Joel Fry of ESPN Des Moines (yes, there is an EPSN Des Moines) compared Trubisky's numbers to the starts of nine quarterbacks who have had pretty great careers. While nobody is saying that Trubisky will turn into a Drew Brees or an Aaron Rodgers, but this comparison is certainly encouraging! "

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