Ryan Pace Explains Jimmy Graham Signing.

Published April 16, 2020 at 1:54 PM

The Chicago Bears and general manager Ryan Pace didn't sit around and at least had an aggressive free agency period. While not every move came with open arms, it was good to see Pace out there trying to improve his team. Pace addressed one of the team's positions of need, tight end, but unfortunately not everybody is behind the decision that he made. The Bears of course signed veteran tight end Jimmy Graham to a two year contract. The move came with lots of criticism as one Green Bay Packers analyst was left scratching his head and said there was no evidence that Graham could still play in the NFL after his time in Green Bay. Pace took the opportunity to try and set the record straight and explain the thinking behind the controversial signing. "I think it's a good example where we are all connected to a vision with a player on our team. You start with the physical evaluation on the player. He's a guy we know well. But then you have to fit with our offensive scheme. And I just think there are a lot of discussions on how to maximize Jimmy Graham in this offense, and that's with [coach] Matt [Nagy] and all of our offensive coaches and our scouts."
Does this make sense or make the signing even more confusing for you?

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