Ryan Pace Reveals His At Home Draft Set Up.

Published April 16, 2020 at 10:56

"The Chicago Bears along with the rest of the NFL will be dealing with an extremely unique situation this year at the 2020 NFL Draft. All teams will be taking part in the draft virtually as Commissioner Roger Goodell announces picks from his basement. Teams will be able to have "war rooms" because of social distancing and every front office member will be at their respective houses. That leaves NFL GM's with some interesting setups and Bears' GM Ryan Pace revealed his to Bears.com. "I basically have two XOS computers with downloaded video on them," Pace said. "My third computer is my Microsoft Surface tablet that I'm doing all my reports on and I can access our scouting database and all our Skype interviews. And then I also have an iPad
By the time this process finishes we'll have done 100-plus Skype interviews with college prospects, each one lasting an hour," Pace said. "With the inability to have the 30 visits at Halas, we've done a lot of things that I think going forward in future years that we'll take advantage of.
During the draft there will be someone from IT here, just if something happens," Pace said. "But I don't expect that. We've got a lot of fail-safes and fallbacks and preventative measures in place."What do you think of Pace's set up?"

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