NFL Executive Reveals What He Thinks The Plan For Trubisky Is.

Published April 7, 2020 at 3:02 PM

The questions continue to grow regarding the Chicago Bears quarterback situation. Some people believe it's Nick Foles job to lose, others believe it'll take a bad game from Mitch Trubisky to land the job. Others believe Trubisky won't even be around for the start of training camp as he'll be traded before hand. One NFL execucitive believes it's all about Trubisky and that the Bears will continue to push him at QB so the front office looks like they made the right choice all along. "They're going to do all they can without a first-round pick to make [Mitchell] Trubisky look good and save their jobs." the executive told Bleacher Report.
Does that mean they'll be drafting one of the high end wide receivers in the second round?The 2020 NFL Draft is overflowing with wide receiver talent and there'll still be some very talented players around in the second and possibly third round. Do you think Trubisky is guaranteed to start the season as QB1 no matter what?

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