Nagy Says Khalil Mack Is Done With Awards And Wants Super Bowl.

Published March 27, 2019 at 2:13 PM

Despite the accomplishment of making the playoffs during the first year under head coach Matt Nagy, players were disappointed with the the outcome. The Bears were done after one game and it left a sour taste in the team's mouth. During the coaches breakfast Nagy said multiple players hit him up during the Super Bowl, including Khalil Mack who was in the gym watching the game. «That's pretty good to have that,» Nagy said. «When you have guys like that that want the trophy and they want the ultimate prize in the end, that's special.»
The Bears had a bunch of players who were first team All Pro selections but want the Super Bowl. «Of everybody that .?.?. got those awards, they all either sent me a text or called me to tell me that they want the trophy,» Nagy said. «That [the personal honors are] great, but they want the trophy. Every one of them.»
«From talking to No. 52, Khalil, he's hungry,» Nagy said. «[From] all of the other accolades and everything, he wants a Super Bowl.»

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