Matt Nagy Comments On Bears-Packers Opening Night Matchup.

Published March 27, 2019 at 11:20

We found out earlier this week that the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers would be opening up the NFL season instead of the Super Bowl Champ, New England Patriots. The NFL will be celebrating it's 100th season and decided to showcase it's most storied rivalry on opening night. The game which will take place at Soldier Field is guaranteed to be an incredible night and head coach Matt Nagy commented on the huge matchup. «It's exciting. Number one, first off, for it to be the league's and our 100th year in this thing, that in itself is awesome,» Nagy said. «Then you take and you say, OK, let's line these two teams up, one of the greatest rivalries in any of sports, and we're gonna play to to open the NFL season for the 2019 season, we're going to start here, and better yet it's going to be at Soldier Field. I've got goosebumps right there just saying that. It's gonna be special.«We've gotta make sure our guys understand the significance of it but not to make it too overblown to where they don't play fast, but I think it's going to be great for the league. I'm excited it's at home. … I'm fired up about it.»

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