Mike Zimmer Makes Amazing Statement Regarding Khalil Mack.

Published September 25, 2019 at 1:03 PM

The Chicago Bears have a huge divisional matchup this weekend against the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams are tied at 2-1 behind the Detroit Lions who sit at 2-0-1 in second and Green Bay Packers who lead the division at 3-0. While meeting with the media Mike Zimmer had some pretty strong comments regarding Bears linebacker Khalil Mack. "He plays with such violence, and desire to get to the quarterback, and then he has the strength and the speed and the quickness to avoid hands, and linemen, and chips."
Zimmer respects Mack and the rest of the defense and is impressed with their play this year. "The Bears defense is terrific. They've got unbelievable players everywhere. They seem to be a little bit more aggressive this year in the things they're doing."
The Vikings defense has looked good as well while only allowing 12 and 14 points in their two wins this season.

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