Matt Nagy Has Big Message For Bears' Players.

Published April 5, 2019 at 12:33

The Chicago Bears start preparation for the 2019 season and it'll be totally different from 2018. Last year the Bears were underdogs and nobody expected much from the team. However after winning the division the Bears go from underdog to the hunted and head coach Matt Nagy delivered that message to his players. «We're not hunting anymore,» Nagy told his players. «We're the hunted.»

«That's what you want,» Nagy said. «We want to be that team that gets on prime time as much as we can. If you're doing that, you're doing something right, because people want to see you. But within our Halas Hall, our players are going to realize — and they're going to feel it from our staff and from myself — that last year is gone.»
«It doesn't just happen by walking onto the field,» Nagy said. «We've got to work hard in practice, we've got to get better in OTAs, we've got to get better in training camp, and when we get to Week 1, we've got to go 1-0.»
All ending with a Super Bowl win.

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