Earl Bennett Takes Shots At Mike Tice.

Published April 5, 2019 at 12:18

"The Chicago Bears 2012 season is mostly looked at as a disaster. Despite a 10-6 record, the season led to head coach Lovie Smith's firing and a lot of it can be blamed on OC Mike Tice and his 28th ranked offense. Earl Bennett who played for the Bears thinks Tice's offense was an absolute joke. "There's a former OC I had in Chicago that I laugh at every time I recall his playbook. Literally took me 24hrs to perfect it. No joke. I knew we were doomed"
Even though some fans believe Marc Trestman's offense was worse, Bennett actually defended Trestman for having a "super cool" and "extensive" playbook. Bennett went on to add that the 2012 season was doomed from the start as coaches were scared of Jay Cutler and would ask Bennett on what Cutler's thoughts on the playbook were. You can check out Bennett's podcast "Prostyle" on iTunes.


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