Kyle Long Explains Why Players Like Ryan Pace's Plan.

Published March 18, 2018 at 1:21 PM

The Chicago Bears and general manager Ryan Pace made a pretty big splash during free agency. With John Fox out as coach, Pace is starting to build a little fan club and it seems it also includes a lot of players in the Bears dressing room. It was just a couple of years ago the Bears were making national headlines for all the wrong reasons thanks to guys like Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett. The team has gone through almost a complete facelift and Kyle Long loves what he sees. The Bears guard sent out a Tweet explaining what exactly he loved about Pace's blueprint. "the thing i love about the roster that pace has put together is all the guys get along great and were willing to prepare and rehab not for ourselves but for one another. i know everything i do directly impacts tarik, eddie jackson, akiem hicks, jordan howard, mitch, etc etc etc etc"With a core group of Trubisky, Howard, Hicks, Jackson and more, the team really does seem to want to be successful for each other.

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