Bears Free Agent Signings Point To Matt Nagy As Big Reason For Choosing Chicago.

Published March 17, 2018 at 1:46 PM

Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard was extremely excited when the team announced Matt Nagy as the new head coach. Howard had been successful with John Fox, but the offense was stale and not using any of it's players to their full potential. Now with Nagy in town, the team will switch to a more exciting West Coast offense and should be fun to watch. That new style is what attracted a lot of the Bears free agents. Taylor Gabriel, Allen Robinson and Trey Burton all pointed to Nagy as the big factor in them choosing the Bears. Just 39 years old, Nagy is full of positive energy and the aggressive type of playcalling that today's young players get excited about. «It was a good fit for me,» said Robinson. «Kansas City was a team that played a lot of prime-time games. Once you kind of see the offense that he runs, you know how everything gets run with the quarterback situation.»The 2018 season is really starting to look good for the Chicago Bears.

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