Kevin Butler Warns Robbie Gould About Returning To Chicago.

Published May 1, 2019 at 2:44 PM

Over the last couple of weeks former Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould has been a hot topic of conversation. Gould reportedly wants nothing to do with staying in San Francisco and has been positioning himself for a return to Chicago. It'll cost a lot for the Bears to land Gould and according to one Bears' former kicker, it might not be the best thing for either party. «I've always said it to Robbie, be careful what you wish for sometimes, because it's not easy to kick in Chicago,» Butler said. «It's certainly not easy to kick in San Francisco, but he's found a situation out there where he's been as good as there is. Can you duplicate that by coming back to Chicago? I don't know. . . . It's a scary thing to mess with your legacy.»
Butler says a return to Chicago is easy on paper, however he can be cut just as easy as before if things don't go well, having a sour grapes ending to the relationship again. «The obvious question is why don't the Bears try and bring Robbie back,» Butler said. «Well, Robbie had tremendous success, better than any kicker in Chicago, and he's gone on and done it even better after he left the Bears. If you're looking for the rah-rah, team-team thing, remember, they'll cut your ass just as quick as anything in the NFL«It's not like you're going to get back there in Chicago and you'll be hugging all these guys. . . . You still have to perform. He's performing at a level that he's never done before. It's broke in Chicago and they need to fix it. Robbie is certainly not broke in San Francisco.»What do you think about Butler's comments?

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