Matt Nagy Sly Disses Howard When Talking About New RB Group?

Published April 30, 2019 at 11:19

After the NFL offseason and NFL draft, head coach Matt Nagy has the running back group that he was hoping for. The team moved both Jordan Howard and Benny Cunningham and brought in Mike Davis through free agency and moved up in the draft to snag David Montgomery. Howard wasn't used as much as many expected last year, and it was clear that Nagy and Howard simply weren't on the same page. When Nagy spoke to the Chicago Tribune recently, it's clear that Nagy didn't seem to believe that Howard wasn't able to play every down. He's very excited about his new group though. «It gives you options,» Nagy said, via the Chicago Tribune. «They're all weapons. They can play on every down. You feel good about where they're at, and as coaches we've got to figure out exactly what [they're best at], and then there's only so many touches, so we have to balance that. And that is the difficult part, but it's a lot easier to do when you have these types of guys with different strengths.»
Howard had only 20 catches last year and it's clear that Nagy felt it was too obvious to other defenses what the Bears would do with him on the field.

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