Chicago Labeled As One Of Two Likely Landing Spots For Khalil Mack.

Published August 30, 2018 at 1:51 PM

Just a couple of days ago, the smart money was on disgruntled Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack landing with the Green Bay Packers or Chicago Bears. Gambling sites don't usually just throw out random odds and base it on some kind of knowledge, so ESPN's Mike Sando dug deeper and found some information Bears fans will love. Sando spoke to executives around the league about the Mack situation and brought up the Bears to some."One exec said he could envision the Bears considering a move for Mack. Another mentioned Chicago as the type of team that could consider it, based on need and flexibility. The Bears are banking on Leonard Floyd to stay healthy and produce as their top pass-rusher, but they need help. They also do not have a highly paid quarterback."Having Trubisky under contract for cheap for the next couple of years really gives the Bears room to wiggle and make a big move or two if they think the team can really get it together under Matt Nagy. Sando also mentioned the Bears were brought up by one exec before he even mentioned Chicago. "If I was a betting man, I'd bet on Mack playing out the year with Oakland. Because if you are going to give up two ones, and then Aaron Donald is going to come in at a really high number, and then Mack is going to want more than that, it's a lot. The Jets and Chicago are two teams that could do it, in my mind. But it's a lot."Basically the Bears would have to give two first rounders and a big fat contract to land the defensive beast. Would you be willing to make a move like this?

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