Bears' Players Standup For Nagy After Recent Controversy.

Published August 28, 2018 at 3:53 PM

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy got his first taste of criticism recently. Nagy stated that he'd be benching all starters and let the second and third stringers play against the Kansas City Chiefs recently. Media members not just in Chicago but across the NFL didn't really agree with the situation, however Nagy refused to back down from it and feels the starters have had enough reps especially in practice to move forward. It's a decision that maybe the media didn't understand or appreciate, but the players surely did and praised their head coach for the decision. «It's a smart decision, seeing that he doesn't want us to get injured," Tariq Cohen said. "Big season for us. We're optimistic about how this season is going to turn out, so we want everybody healthy.»
«He doesn't care about what everybody else is going to think," Cohen said. "He's just looking out for our best interests and the team's best interest, and that's the type of coach you want on your side.»Nagy seems to be extremely popular in the Bears locker room. "Well, yeah, coach is a great leader and he's also obviously really smart," Linebacker Sam Acho said. "We've been in we started two weeks early because we had a new coach in OTAs, and then we played in the fifth preseason game so really that was our fourth preseason game and so he's an intelligent guy, he knows what he's doing and we trust him and so he's a leader and we're just on the ship and we follow him."
Not only is Nagy the team's head coach, but it looks like he's also the team's leader, something that will be great for the bond of the team. "He's himself," Linebacker Danny Trevathan said. "He's all about being you. He's not just talking it, but he's really about it. We really lean toward that guy and we're looking to him for leadership. We appreciate the moves he's making to make us a better team. It's risky out there in preseason, so it's all about being smart and getting your guys ready for the season."

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