BREAKING NFL Officially Adds Extra Playoff Games For Next Season.

Published March 31, 2020 at 2:58 PM

"The NFL owners got one of the things they wanted out of the new CBA and made it official on Tuesday.The league has added two new Wild Card games and both have already been picked up by broadcasting next works. According to Sports Business Daily, CBS will pay around $70million for the Sunday afternoon game and NBC will pay just a bit more than $70million for the Sunday night one. Both games are slated to take place on January 10 2021. The move was voted on earlier today by owners when they added a third Wild Card team to each conference.A third Wild Card team means that only one team in each conference will get a bye while the 2 seed will play the 7 seed. The end result is three Wild Card games on Saturday and three Wild Card games on Sunday.


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