Bears Logo Gets No Love In Recent Poll.

Published May 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM

The Chicago Bears logo isn't very popular outside of Chicago to say the least. While Bears fans might love it and the tradition that comes with it, it doesn't seem to give that same feeling to people outside the city. Fanjuicer.com recently put together an article which features every NFL logo ranked by over 1,400 fans. The Bears logo found itself near the bottom of the rankings coming in at #28 overall, the Cleveland Browns and their orange helmet were ranked last. A graphic designer analyzed the Bears logo: "I'm not sure how I feel about the underbite on the «C.» I can see how this would be a polarizing feature of this logo," he said, via Fanjuicer.com. "I wish to an extent that it met up more evenly. I think they could have had the bottom meet up in a more even fashion and still maintained the sharpness, of the «C,» which I like. I don't mind the point [ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE «C»], without the point it would be super boring. The point actually does add something from a design standpoint that makes it stand out."
The New Orleans Saints fleur de lis ranked #1 overall while the Detroit Lions came in at #2. Do you think the Bears should consider switching up their logo in the near future?

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