Mitch Trubisky Gets No Respect From CBSSports.

Published May 22, 2018 at 3:19 PM

While the majority of Chicago Bears fans are excited for the 2018 season and many analysts are fans of Ryan Pace's offseason moves, CBSSports is not one of them. We can all admit that Mitch Trubisky still has plenty to prove, but he's definitely looking far from a bust. Jason La Canfora of CBSSports isn't on board. La Canfora ranked all 32 quarterbacks in seven tiers and Trubisky found himself at the bottom of it all. The CBS reporter isn't a fan of Pace's offseason moves either and doesn't believe the Bears have proved a thing. Here's his excerpt about Trubisky:"Tier 7: The Verdict Is Out
I'm not buying the hype that Trubisky – still very raw – is now suddenly plug and play with a rookie head coach who has barely called plays and a few new pieces around him. I gotta see that to believe it."
While the Bears were far from a playoff team last year, the defense has continued to improve and Trubisky definitely took at least a couple step forwards during his rookie season.

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