Alex Brown Calls Some Of The Bears' Players Clowns.

Published November 19, 2019 at 3:00 PM

"It's something that happens across the NFL and people complain about it all the time. Players celebrating a sack or first down when their team is losing. Former Chicago Bears' defensive end, Alex Brown, sees some Bears' doing it and he's not impressed at all. Brown went off during his recent appearance on the Football After Show on NBC Sports and said the Bears have some clowns on their team. "You're kind of stuck with what you have right now and you gotta figure out who loves football. Because the ship will turn, it will turn back again and the guys that really love football those are the only guys you really want on this team. There's some clowns on this team man, there's some clowns and I don't like it. Clowns like, anything that goes good, they wanna say I did it, it's me, it's me. You score a touchdown, get back, yes I want you to be excited, but like don't get a first down and start throwing up signs with your fingers get back to the huddle"Check out the full clip below:


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