NFL Fans Outraged Over Lamar Jackson Revealing Ravens' Offer

Published March 15, 2023 at 10:49

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has finally revealed the figure offered to him by the team, which ultimately led to him getting franchise tagged. The long-standing standoff between Jackson and the Ravens has been attributed to his lack of representation by an agent.

In response to claims by ESPN's Adam Schefter that the salary offered to Jackson could have been around $200 million in guarantees, the quarterback took to Twitter to refute the insider's claim and disclose the actual offer made by the Ravens. According to Jackson, he was offered a fully guaranteed three-year contract worth $133 million.

While some fans have reacted positively to the offer, others are raging at the fact that the Ravens didn't offer more to their star quarterback. The tweet has generated a polarizing effect among fans, with some defending the Ravens' offer and others calling for them to pay Jackson his true value.

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