Ryan Poles Can Secure Ideal Free Agent with Low-Risk Deal

V. Carbonneau
May 29, 2024  (2:42 PM)

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Bears Eye Low-Risk Free Agent to Bolster Offensive Line Depth

If you're anything like me, the barrage of major Bears news this offseason has been overwhelming. Since last season wrapped up, it's been an endless cycle of breaking stories, major headlines, and debates that inevitably pivot from the Bears to the Cowboys.
Sure, the Bears' offseason antics have been a reliable source of page views. We're all grateful for that. However, sometimes fans just crave a simpler story—one that doesn't revolve around blockbuster trades or high-stakes drama. A story about shoring up offensive line depth fits that bill perfectly.
Enter Bleacher Report. They've compiled a list of available free agents who won't make waves but could quietly contribute to a team. This list includes players that the Bears could sign without causing a media frenzy, which, honestly, is refreshing. These are the kind of signings you might not even hear about until preseason.
The Perfect Fit: Connor Williams
Among the free agents listed by Bleacher Report, two offensive linemen stood out, one of whom is former Bears player Charles Leno. While a reunion with Leno seems unlikely, the more intriguing prospect is former Dolphins interior offensive lineman Connor Williams. Here's what Bleacher Report had to say about him:
"It's surprising to see a player of Connor Williams' caliber remain unsigned. Williams did suffer a torn ACL in December, and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, mentioned that his client might not sign immediately in free agency as he recovers. However, we're now approaching the season, and Williams is still without a team.
Williams was a solid guard with the Dallas Cowboys before signing with the Miami Dolphins in 2022. He transitioned to center in Miami, earning an impressive 86.5 grade from PFF and allowing only one sack last season. Williams would be an upgrade for many teams as a center and could also revert to guard if needed."
Why Williams Makes Sense for the Bears
A versatile player like Williams, who can serve as a backup at right guard and play center, would be a strategic addition to the Bears' roster. Despite his injury, having Williams compete with Ryan Bates and/or Nate Davis for two of the three uncertain spots on the offensive line is a logical move. None of those three are particularly bad, but they're not so outstanding as to avoid a competition in camp. General Manager Ryan Poles values competition and prides himself on building strong lines, so this move aligns with his philosophy.
Bleacher Report suggests Williams might be a good fit for the Broncos or a return to Miami. However, it's worth noting that Bleacher Report doesn't make the final decisions—they just create the slideshows. Both roles are essential in their own right, but the Bears front office has the power to make this happen.
Connor Williams to the Bears? It's a low-risk move with the potential for high rewards. Williams' versatility and proven capability could provide much-needed depth and stability to the offensive line. Let's hope the Bears seize this opportunity and make a practical, drama-free addition to their roster.
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Ryan Poles Can Secure Ideal Free Agent with Low-Risk Deal

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