Zach Miller Gives Update On Rehabilitation.

Published April 19, 2018 at 2:08 PM

One of the biggest and saddest Chicago Bears storylines from the 2017 season was the Zach Miller injury. In the midst of scoring a touchdown which was actually called off, the Bears TE dislocated his knee. The injury was so bad, not only was his playing career in question, but also his future ability to walk. Luckily Miller had the proper surgery in time and is now rehabilitating his knee, and even though it's been grueling, he's making progress. «I was able to get kind of back to a normal life,» Miller said. «Things are feeling better each day, getting a little bit stronger. I'm happy where I'm at.»
Even if things are on the right track, does that track actually lead to retirement?«That's a realistic thing, I know that,» said Miller. «I haven't made any of those decisions as of yet. I know that there will be a point where I have to decide … but I'm not at that spot yet to determine whether I want to come back and try to play or if it's time to move on or even if I can do that.»
«We'll cross that bridge when it's time,» Miller said, «and it's not time yet. I've got a lot of work to do and a lot of ways to go to get back to playing ball, but everything is good.»

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